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bringing out the heartfelt moments of your story
"My wife and I have been big fans of Rachel and Lun’s work for years."

We had a great time working with Rachel and Lun! During our first meeting, they briefly went through how we can expect our wedding video to turn out and even came up with some possible schedules we can follow for our AD. On our AD, they turned up on time and told us to just go with the flow. We are very happy on how our wedding video turned out to be, with many unexpected sweet moments captured, even those we that we thought nobody noticed. The only regret we have - not having another wedding day so we can work with them again!

My wife and I have been big fans of Rachel and Lun’s work for years now. When we saw that they were branching out to wedding montages, we decided to engage them even before meeting with them. We were very certain with them and had absolute faith in their videography as we have been following their works for many many years. They didn’t disappoint us at all with the quality and the edits of all the moments that were captured on our wedding day. They are worth every single penny that we paid. They are so nice to work with and they guided us with everything prior to the wedding and on the day itself. We are so so thankful for them and their excellent service. We wish you guys all the best in this new endeavor and we have faith you guys will do very well. 

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you once again, More than Bloom.


Are We?


Hello! We are the duo behind the heartwarming short films on Butterworks YouTube.

Having acquired over 10 filmmaking awards, we are confident in bringing out the most beautiful raw moments of your big day.

Best Film - Cathay Motion Picture Awards - 2012.png
Best Cinematography - ciNE65 - 2015.png
Best Editing - ciNE65 - 2015.png
Best Cinematography - ciNE65 - 2017.png
Official Selection - 15 Shorts - 2020.png
Above the Clouds
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