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bringing out the heartfelt moments of your story
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"We replayed it several times as happy tears flowed."

I have been a fan of Butterworks since they started, and upon knowing that they are branching out to establish More Than Bloom, I was thrilled!


To make the video more personalised, they spent time to understand more about how we met, what’s our favourite activities. They then did their research and recce before pitching their ideas to us. As professionals, their directives was clear and easy to follow. They also gave us lots of assurance before and during filming.


On the day of the shoot, they arrived at the location earlier to set up their equipment. We were given the easy part of enjoying ourselves throughout the process, while they did the hard work of capturing the best of us.


The video was stunning! We replayed it several times as happy tears flowed. More than just a touching video, we also had a fun and unforgettable time with More Than Bloom. Very thankful for the duo’s hard work and amazing experience!


P.S. If you like the works of Butterworks, you would not be disappointed by More Than Bloom!


Are We?


Hello! We are the duo behind the heartwarming short films on Butterworks YouTube.

Having acquired over 10 filmmaking awards, we are confident in bringing out the most beautiful raw moments of your big day.

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Best Cinematography - ciNE65 - 2015.png
Best Editing - ciNE65 - 2015.png
Best Cinematography - ciNE65 - 2017.png
Official Selection - 15 Shorts - 2020.png
Above the Clouds
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